au-strahan-accommodation-6AUTUMN: Brings still days, clear star filled nights and a perfect moon rising over the mountains and calm waters of Macquarie Harbour.  Sound of surf breaking on ocean beach, just 5 km away, increase in volume as the Western Breeze freshens for warning of the coming winter.

Strahan Self-Contained Cabins winterWINTER: Takes you back in time to the creation of the wilderness. The winds of the Roaring 40s, unchecked from halfway around the world, bring the rains needed to sustain the forests.  The sound of surf breaking on Ocean Beach has become a roar making you thankful for the warmth and shelter of the lodge or cottage.  Night time electrical storms are both frightening and awe-inspiring with the morning revealing tree-lined ridges and foothills shrouded in low clouds and distant snow capped mountains.

strahan-accommodation-springSPRING: Sees the lodge, native garden and heath land surrounding the cottages and cabins become ablaze with colour (October — November) with the flowering of an incredible diversity of plants.  A keen eye can find many species of native orchids amongst hundreds of heath land plants.  In sharp contrast daffodils, camellias and rhododendrons feature in the cottage style garden surrounding the Lodge.


summerSUMMER: Is preceded by the return of the summer birds, wild ducks and swans appear in the sheltered waters of Smugglers Cove and cormorants take up residence in the trees along the shoreline.  One of Tasmania’s rarest birds, the Orange Breasted Parrot frequents the HEATHLANDS during its summer migratory flight to the breeding grounds deeper in the southwest wilderness.  Ground parrots, Fire Tailed Finch, Honey Eaters and Wrens are resident throughout the grounds.